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Shifting Your Mindset From Existing To Thriving

Are you ready to commit to what you really want in your business?

You deserve a thriving business and you don’t have to use uncomfortable pushy techniques or compromise your values to do it. Working together we help shift your focus to “what’s possible” it’s all about mindset shifts, growing and evolving.

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Coaching Consultations


Our Executive Coaching assists executives and leaders in fulfilling their potential while providing support and accountability. Our approach is to work in partnership with clients to develop their effectiveness as leaders, to go beyond current trends, to challenge their own perceptions and beliefs and to achieve alignment to personal aspirations and organisational goals.

Our approach is evidence-based, underpinned by solution-focused cognitive behavioural methods. We align with clients existing skills and capabilities to overcome challenges and unlock their potential while maximising their personal performance. This is all achieved by enhancing self-understanding, building leadership skills, developing flexible communication techniques, and building personal presence.

Matina uses her in-depth understanding and unique global executive experience to provide support and inspire clients to find meaning and connection with their goals. Expect to be challenged. Expect authenticity. Expect clarity. Expect to be transformed. 

We facilitate impactful and transformative results for our clients across a range of industries including property, law, retail, technology, education and not-for-profit. Executive coaching is available for individuals from all levels including future leaders, current senior managers and C-Suite executives. 

ONE ON ONE Business Coaching Consultations

METAMORPHIC GROWTH can help your business define objectives, plan strategies to help you to achieve your goals including:

  • We guide and support you through the transformation process allowing you to achieve goals rapidly whilst focusing on your desired outcomes.

  • Guide your personal and business development journey, gain clarity, confidence to take immediate action and see rapid results, and so much more! The process starts with working on the clarity of your vision and working through your commitment to that vision and how that’s integrated into your actions and growth process.

  • Working one-to-one is not just about talking about change, it’s about mapping out the process and making change happen. It’s about identifying, planning, taking action, being accountable to achieving your goals. Real mindset shifts will occur that will allow you to thrive and grow.



Specifically tailored to your organisational needs.

We understand one size does not fit all when it comes to workshops and professional development programs for teams and organisations. With this in mind, we offer specially customised workshops to suit your specific organisational needs.


  • Harnessing a Growth Mindset 

  • Building Mental Resilience and Emotional Fitness in the Workplace 

  • Advanced Communication Skills

  • The Secrets to Mastering Influence and Persuasion

  • The Psychology of Selling 

  • Building Connection and Rapport

If you’re looking for a half day or 1-day immersive session that can be customised and tailored to your needs Contact us NOW to find out more.

We align your team values and motivations with your strategic goals and desired outcomes.




Enthusiastic, engaging, unapologetically passionate, real and vibrant, Matina will impress you with her natural ability to engage, connect and inspire reflective thought and action from her audience. She is authentic, bold and relatable. Matina has a unique ability to adapt to audiences with a dynamic and interesting flare. 

All speaking engagements are tailored to clients needs with the aim to inspire, empower and motivate. If you are looking for someone to “STAND OUT” and “SELL OUT” with actionable topics on Growth Mindset, Mental Resilience, Sales EQ, Mastering Influence and Persuasion, The Psychology to Selling, High Performance Habits and Unlocking Your True Potential, then you’ve just found her!


  • Harnessing a Growth Mindset 

  • Mental Resilience and Emotional Fitness

  • Mastering Influence and Persuasion

  • Effective Communication Skills 

  • The Psychology of Sales

  • Sales Confidence

  • The Changing Sales Environment


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Transform Your Business With Unbreakable Confidence To Create New Possibilities
Business Coach & Strategist | Global Clients | Speaker | Coach | Trainer

"Since working with Matina I managed to double my income in less than 3 months. I am well on track to earning Six Figures now as a Personal Trainer, which is not easy in our competitive industry! I am very grateful for the support and what I learned and implemented with Matina as my Business Coach. She made me realise my value to my clients in what I do and gained better clarity on what I wanted to achieve.”

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d love to speak with you about your needs. 

Tara, Burleigh Heads, Queensland

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